Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Swaragini 4th July 2016 Written Episode Updates

Swara Exposed Parineeta! Swaragini 4th July 2016 Written Episode Updates

In the last episode of Swaragini we saw that Swara was running from Sanskar in a forest type area. Sahil found Swara and she was happy to see him. Then Lakshya and Sanskar was also wandering there. Then Swara asked Sahil that how did you come to know that I am with Sanskar here. Sahil was confessing his feelings to Swara but Swara denied and asked him to leave her. Swara ran from Sahil also and then Sanskar and Lakshya moved towards Swara.

Sahil caught Swara at the same place where Sanskar shooted Rajat. Then Swara started recalling everything. Sahil pointed gun towards Sanskar and he said I will take Swara along with me. Sahil fires in air and Swara recalled everything which was happened last time. Sanskar asked Sahil to shoot him and leave Swara. Swara recalled how Sanskar shooted Rajat. Swara tooh Sahil’s hand in between her teech and Sahil fell down. Swara ran and hugs Sanskar. Swara fainted and they took Swara home.

Swara wakes up and called Sanskar. Swara hugs Sanskar and everyone was happy to see this. Swara apologized to Sanskar for everything. Swara apologized to every family member.
Sharmishtha gave good news to Dadi and Shekhar that Swara recalled everything. Sanskar makes Swara wear mangalsutra. Swara was opposite to Sahil then. Ragini asked Lakshya to tell Swara about her fake pregnancy. They both were discussing on that and at that time Sujata entered in their room but she didn’t heard anything.
Tonight in Swaragini we will see that Parineeta will come back in home and she will ask Swara that she has come again and now whom she wants to kick out of home. Swara will slap her and will say that Parineeta was the reason behind all from Rajat to every thing she was responsible for this. Swara will explain everything and then family will ask Parineeta to pay for this. Then Parineeta will say that each and every culprit deserves to get punishment and she will point towards Ragini.

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