Thursday, November 25, 2010

Janine doesn't scare Stacey,Turner

EastEnders star Lacey Turner has admitted that her character Stacey Branning is underestimating Janine Malloy as she embarks on an affair with the superbitch's new husband Ryan.

Stacey's secret relationship with Ryan (Neil McDermott) hots up in next week's episodes after she decides to stay in Walford rather than leave as she originally planned.

The mum-of-one's change of heart comes after Ryan tracks her down and things get steamy between the pair in an abandoned car park.

Speaking to All About Soap about the possibility of Janine finding out, Turner insisted: "Stacey's not frightened of Janine. She just sees her as a bit of a pain and obviously doesn't realise how dangerous Janine can be."

Meanwhile, asked what Stacey wants from Ryan, the actress replied: "They decided at first Ryan could have his marriage and his bit on the side, but Stacey's tired of not knowing where she stands.

"Then, while Ryan's still working things out in his head, Stacey decides she doesn't want anything too heavy so tells him their arrangement can stay as it is. She doesn't know what she wants!"

Last month, reports suggested that Janine will try to poison Ryan in an act of revenge over Stacey in a forthcoming storyline.

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