Friday, November 26, 2010

'Fans can relate to me',John Abraham

John Abraham has said that he thinks his fans can relate to him because of his struggle to make it as an actor.

The Dostana star told DNA India that he thanks his good looks for getting him attention but believes being the underdog in Bollywood earned him his following.

Speaking of his looks the actor said: "It definitely gets me the eyeballs, but I think that’s not all that earns me a fan following.

"I think I’m the underdog that everyone relates to. That’s my connection with my fans and also my strength."

The actor pointed out that his fans have seen him work his way up, hinting that his lack of family connections within the industry meant that he had to strive for a breakthrough.

"I am not a star son, nor did I have any Godfather," he said. "Nothing was offered to me on a platter. I have had my share of the struggle and youngsters feel that if I could do it, so can they."

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