Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Celebrates 18th Birthday Miley Cyrus With Her Mom and Demi Moore

Most girls celebrating their 18th birthday would probably throw a fit if their mom decided to crash their party. But when the girl is Miley Cyrus, mom isn't just welcome, she's part of the main event.

Walking the red carpet at last night's American Music Awards, Cyrus told "Access Hollywood" that her plans for later in the evening,a birthday party at Hollywood club Trousdale,centered on her and mom Tish.

"I'm going out dancing later,we rented out a space so all my friends can come," she said. "Me and my mom actually have choreography for the night later -- everyone loves when we dance in unison... so it's going to be good."

No word on what song this "choreography" was for, but, considering recent events, we're going to guess "Single Ladies."
Tish, Miley, Demi and Rumer in an ageless lineup.
And Tish wasn't the only adult who celebrated with Miley. Demi Moore showed up (with daughter Rumer) to strike some poses with her co-star. As for Cyrus' birthday party attire, well... let's just say it was more revealing than the floor-length frock she sported during her AMA performance earlier in the evening. Oh, Miley. She can't be tamed... she's just being Miley... it's her party in the USA... so many Cyrus-isms could work here.

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