Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Kate Beckinsale: ‘husband Is The Glue’

KATE Beckinsale admits she’s “volatile”.
The actress — who’s married to director Len Wiseman — says her husband is the “glue” that holds their family together.

“I’ve never come across anybody as steady and calm as Len is,” she says.

“I’m the one who’s a bit more volatile, spontaneous, mercurial. And Len is like the glue. For everybody. And he’s incredibly handsome, which really helps! And he adores me.”

Kate — who was last year named ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ by Esquire magazine — has previously admitted she’s insecure about her body.

“I’ve always had doubts about my looks. Most women have body issues and I’m no different,” she said.

“At one point I felt as though everyone was out to get me.

“I was having everything examined from my cellulite to my choice of films. I had allowed my self to be flattered when all this talk of breasts started because I assumed it meant I looked good.

“But when I found out it meant I had horrible boobs I was taken aback. I began to wonder why I cared about things which, essentially, don’t matter at all.”
Kate Beckinsale

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