Thursday, February 11, 2010

Hands Off Megan Fox's Thumb......

It's probably true that Megan Fox is known more for her stunning looks than her screen roles ("Transformers," anyone?). But even though the actress made her Super Bowl ad debut for Motorola lounging in a bathtub wearing nothing but bubbles, all eyes were not on the obvious: her thumb.

The actress -- who is basically perfect in every way, does have one slight imperfection: a wide right thumb. The hand got face time last summer after publicity shots of the actress -- and her unusual-sized thumb -- first surfaced. Technically called brachydactyly, the club-thumb trait is no big deal -- you just have a big thumb.

The condition, which literally means "short finger," is usually hereditary and is not considered serious. But when the Super Bowl ad aired with a close-up of Motorola's digital gadget, Megan's digit seemed to have been replaced with a slender stand-in, sending the blogosphere into a serious uproar -- and Web searches into the stratosphere. The Daily Mail pointed an accusatory finger at the phone maker, and claimed they brought in a thumb-double for Megan's not-so-pretty appendage.

Fingers flew on the Web, with one-day searches on Yahoo! for "megan fox hands" increasing an astounding 800%. Lookups for "brachydactyly megan fox," "megan fox super bowl commercial," and "megan fox toe thumb" all saw huge gains.

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