Thursday, February 25, 2010

Dakota Fanning's Birthday Makeover.....

Dakota Fanning has always seemed years ahead of her biological age. Playing the role of a precocious child in movies like "Uptown Girls" and "I Am Sam," she comes across as a well-spoken young adult in interviews -- often more so than actors twice her age.

It's only recently that Dakota's outward image has begun to catch up with her preternatural maturity (as seen in a recent Brigitte Bardot-esque photo feature in V magazine).

But it seems the former moppet has changed her style once more. This time she's sporting something a little more edgy and, dare we say, "teenager-y". Fanning, who celebrated her 16th birthday yesterday, was snapped on the streets of LA in a punk princess outfit of shredded black tights (similar to ones worn by Miley recently), a miniskirt, Doc Martens, an American Apparel infinity scarf, a Balenciaga bag, and a tiara.

It's a look that's part Courtney Love, part Lindsay Lohan, and part Olsen twins. Perhaps the unbuttoned image was inspired by her recent turn as musician Cherie Currie in the upcoming girl-band biopic "The Runaways." In the film, Fanning appears opposite her "Twilight" costar and real-life friend Kristen Stewart, who plays singer Joan Jett (an edgy style icon for punk girls everywhere).

The rebellious look is quite a departure for Fanning, who was crowned homecoming princess at her North Hollywood high school, Campbell Hall Episcopal, and even hit the field with the cheerleading squad at an away game. Who knows -- maybe the new look was a literal trip down memory lane for the onetime high school royal.

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