Thursday, December 24, 2009

Jennifer Lopez Comeback

For one of the biggest stars of the past decade, Jennifer Lopez has flown relatively low on the radar for the past few years. She has not released a studio album since 2007's "Brave," and her last movie, "Monster-in-Law," debuted over four years ago. In a media culture when "any press is good press," the low tide of PR comes with good reason: Lopez gave birth to twins in early 2008, opting to focus on her family since then.

For many celebrities, this kind of spotlight scarcity can spell career trouble. Not so for Jennifer Lopez. The J. Lo tide is rising again, surging strong into the new year. This month, she released a new single "Louboutins" off her new album "Love?," which slated to come out April 2010. But that isn't the only Jennifer Lopez debut this month. The theatrical trailer for her upcoming film "The Back-up Plan" came out late last week right here on Yahoo! Movies.

Lopez not only seeks to recharge her singing and acting careers, but she continues her trend of living up to high expectations. With new twins at home and an ever-demanding professional life, Lopez looks vibrant and youthful as ever at 40. At the American Music Awards recently, she continued her trend of dazzling cameras on the red carpet.

But hip and hype aside, Lopez is a moneymaking force that means serious business. "Monster-in-Law," "Shall We Dance," and "Maid in Manhattan" combined tallied almost half a billion dollars in worldwide box office between 2002 and 2005. And between her 2001 album "J. Lo" and 2002's "This Is Me...Then," Lopez sold over 10 million records worldwide. With "Love?" coming out next year, the album title poses a truly million-dollar question: will Jennifer Lopez, now 40, fill the shoes of her superstar legacy?
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