Sunday, April 5, 2009

Facelifts for British Museum, Tate Modern, Nefertiti; museum to be dedicated to Walt Disney

The British Museum, the second-most-popular museum in the world, after the Louvre, will be getting a £135-million ($246-million) expansion by 2012, the better to accommodate the 5.93 million visitors — who receive free entry as per the United Kingdom's enlightened museums policy. Five pavilions of seven storeys each will be added to the structure, to be designed by Rogers Stirk Harbour and Partners. We'll bet you the price of admission the reno won't actually be done by 2012. Oh, and the Tate Modern's facelift will be going ahead as well.
(Via ArtsJournal)

Did Nefertiti had her famous bust redone to flatten out a bumpy nose and smooth out lines around her mouth? Maybe!

Finally, we hope exhibitions on the evolution of Goofy await when the Walt Disney Family Museum opens in San Francisco in 2012. The museum will celebrate the man and his mice, but expect it to zipadeedoodah past Disney's ratting out his own employees to HUAC. And unlike Jack Donaghy, you probably won't get to cradle his frozen head in your hands.

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