Thursday, April 2, 2009

Lindsay Lohan’s dad is terrified about her looks again,

Michael Lohan is worried about his little girl again. We’ve all been worried about Lindsay Lohan non-stop for the last several months but her father seems to be worried off and on, or at least when a magazine asks him how he’s feeling.
He’s told Closer magazine he finds her weight loss “scary”.
Michael’s been quoted as saying: “It’s torturing me to see her like this. It’s scary.”
But it’s not just her waistline he’s commenting on.
He’s nattered about Li-Lo’s gal pal, Samantha Ronson, and said: “Every time she goes to Sam’s gigs, there’s turmoil. There’s always a big blow-up.”
“I’m worried about Lindsay’s wellbeing. And when Sam’s parents see her in this relationship, where are they?” [Source]
Where are you, Michael? I know Lindsay is technically all growns up but if you really give a care, do something. All this talk and so little action just makes you look like a nag. At least mom Dina tries to force-feed Lindsay Big Macs.

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