Sunday, April 5, 2009

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony

The Topshop celebratory marathon reached the homestretch Thursday with a late night of musical performances and debauchery at the Box. And it seemed some were feeling a few signs of party fatigue. A punctual Kate Moss did not seem pleased by the photographers greeting her at the entrance.
"Give me a f--king moment!" snapped the model as she covered their cameras with her clutch (presumably a Topshop design). She never returned for another photo op.
But other members of Team Sir Philip Green were still ready to play ball.
"Philip and Tina are the only ones who can get us out two nights in a row," said Jennifer Lopez, with Marc Anthony by her side, of the Topshop owner and his wife.
"I know Tina and Philip—they're great supporters of my Old Vic in London," explained Kevin Spacey, in town for the New York transfer of his "The Norman Conquests."
As for his choice of venues, Sir Philip claimed to be driven by patriotism.
"It's got an English feel and it's owned by an English guy," he said of the Box and its co-owner Simon Hammerstein. ("British" is probably not the first word that comes to mind in describing the den of sin.)
Green commandeered a center section with Lopez, Moss and Anthony, while Blake Lively, Penn Badgley, Debbie Harry and Eva Amurri slipped into side booths. The Box's emcee Raven introduced surprise performer Adele, to many whoops, and her vocally impressive set—including "Chasing Pavements"—had Lively and Badgley rapt.
It was certainly the tamest portion of the night. After a DJ interlude of MIA mixed with Stevie Wonder that had J.Lo and Anthony dirty dancing, a white fringed dress songstress cooed to Simon Cowell, "They cry on your show don't they?" as she straddled him. When she moved on to the girl behind him, a nearby Zach Braff gaped.
"Simon Cowell getting a lap dance is the funniest thing I've ever seen," deadpanned Braff during a break.
Guests who stuck around till 1:30 got a special surprise—Spacey took to the stage to belt out "I'm A Gigolo" in duet with Raven.
"That was brilliant," said one guest, "but I'm still scared of the women without underpants," as she beat a late retreat.
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