Sunday, April 5, 2009

Adam Lambert

David Cook rocks American Idol, shows Adam Lambert the original.

David Cook returns to American Idol, singing "Come Back to Me." He's as controlled, intense and good as he was on the show last year.
I think he was the most creative performer Idol's ever had; Adam Lambert has a shot to get to his level, but isn't there yet.
I really think Adam came back to the pack last night; he was good, but fell short of his own high standard. Lot of time left in the season though; hope we see more heart-stopping performances from Adam.
David talks about the great things Idol's allowed him to do--play for the troops, play Carnegie Hall for Hillary Clinton, tour. Then, Ryan presents him with his plantinum plaque, his debut album's sold over a million copies.
"I always cry on this stage for some reason," David says. What a genuine guy; not afraid to be himself on stage.
Afterwards, they show a clip of the music video for "Come back to Me." It has a backwards theme--David rides backwards up an escalator, walks to a girl backwards. Not a car in sight.

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